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Radha Kund - Jeweled Golden Throne/Bed- Red and Green- 9.5" Long

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Photos coming Soon, This Lovely Wood, Golden Jeweled throne (Asana), made exclusively for Radhikastore and Her Devotees. 
Lovely Brocade Silk cloth Fabric. (Probably a mix).  With Peacock fan design.. Antique Gold with Red and Green colors.   

This Divine Couple Golden throne. (Asana) Can also be a bed.  We embellished with gold paint and, and jewels.
Now you can offer a lovely seat to your Lordships. One can offer  their Throne to Their Lordships by Mind (Mana Seva).
For any of your Deities. - Radha Krishna, Gaura Nitai, Krishna Balaram, Lord Jagannath Baladeva, Lady Subadra, Laddu Gopal, Shalagram or Govardhan Shilas. Govardhana Silas may be placed directly on the Throne (Asana) (Check Measurements)) You may want to display more than one Sila on this throne). Also very nice for Srila Prabhupada murti. (Check measurements). This bed will also work for any of the Transcendental Dolls sold on this website.

NOTE: Do not buy these beds or thrones for any mundane dolls. We do not waste our time for making beds for them. Only for God or HIs Pure Devoees. Thank you very much. 

NOTE: Some assembly Required.

10 "inches tall.
13"inches wide
9.5" inches Long or (deep).

Cushion Dimensions
12" inches long 

9" inches Long (deep)

Note: There are Five of these thrones available including this one. And 5 of the 71/4" Inch Long Throne. If you would like to reserve more please contact us via our e-mail address, phone or live Chat. If you need any blankets or pillows. Please let us know.

Care Instructions: Simply wipe with a damp cloth.. Do not wash. (If you want to Iron..Must use a cotton cloth over the top and medium heat. But it should not require ironing)

Shipped from United States
Price for one Throne.

NOTE: Assembly required. (for lower shipping cost).
We will send you simple instruction (two sides, a front, and back, fit snugly against the base. We recommend you glue it securely if you are going to place you Deities into this Throne/Bed. E 600 glue works well as do many other kinds of glue. To secure it tightly also glue from underneath. 
Wipe off any excess glue before letting it dry.  (If you must have it fully assembled. Please call us and we will add the proper shipping cost for that size box.