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Chota Radha Shamasundar Brass Deities - 7.5" Inch

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Chota Radha Krishna. (Radha Shamasundar) Very sweet Made in Vrindavan.

Krishna is 7.5" inch floor to top of head and Sri Radha is 6.5"inch floor to top of head. NOTE: Outfit and Jewelry sold Separately.

They wear 3."Inch Dhoti size-
(see in Deity outfits Radha Krishna section). 
Crown size is for size 6 to 7 Inch Deities-
(see in the Deity Crowns and Necklace sets section.)

Please only buy these Deities if you plan to Love, worship and care for Them the rest of your life. They are not Dolls. Radha Krishna worship is very serious and should not be taken lightly. They are The Supreme Lordships. Sri Sri. Radha and Krishna.
For those who are fully following the regulative principles and chanting a minimum of 16 rounds of maha-mantra daily. They do not eat onion, garlic, mushroom, or any non-veg. 
One should also worship Sri Sri Gaura Niti along with Radha Krishna as they teach one how to worship Radha and Krishna. Also one should worship the Bonafide Jagat Guru. Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktisiddhantha, who will guide them in devotional service. 

Anyone can worship Sri Sri Gaura Nitai as they do not accept offenses. If one is not strict in their sadhana (Practice of Krishna Bhakti) they are better off to worship Sri Sri Gaura Nitai than Radha or Krishna Deities. 

Ask us...We can make them a bed exclusively for Them. See Deity Beds and Accessories section.