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Clay Deity Mridanga


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From Vrindavan - Clay Deity Mridanga. (acual clay) with rope that the length can be adjusted. Can be used on the altar as a decoration or near the Deities lotus feet.. Or for Lord Nityananda or Lord Balarama ji carrying it in Their Kirtan.  Makes a wonderful gift for those who love Kirtan or who play the drum.
Choose size accordingly.

Choose Size- 
Small- 1 3/4" inch Tall by 1 1/4" Wide (Center)
Medium- 2 1/4" inch Tall by 1 1/4" Wide
Large- 2 3/4" inch Tall by 1 1/2"inch Wide 

NOTE: - They are a work of art and may very slightly ( 1/4 inch) saccording to size and photo appearance.