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Circles of Love - Red, Green and Multi Colors - Armlets/Bangles - Set of 2

Multi Colors
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Hand made in Vrindavan. Armlets/Bangles - Set of 2 - Choose the color then size and quantity you want.

These can be used as Armlets on the upper or middle part of the arm, or for Bangles at the wrist. Or even very wide ankle bells (Anklets)

How To Use The- Open them gently to place around your Deities wrist, then gently slide up to the upper arm, or just keep them on the wrist. Use tickey tack gum to secure.. 

First Choose color-
Red and Green
Multi Color

Choose  size- Approx. Estimated sizes
Small 8 to 9 " Deities
Medium 10 to 11"Deities
Large 12 to 15 Inch Deities. (armlets for 12 or 13 Inch) Bangles for 14 to 15 inch)

This Price for one set-