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Brass Cow and Calf With Flower Blanket - 4" Inch

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Auspicious Solid Brass Mother Cow and Calf With Flower Blanket. Place on your altar or any sacred place.
4" inches"Tall .. 5 1/2 Inches" Long. (the cow extends over the base.  Her Base is 3 3/4" inches Long by 2 2/2" Inches wide.

2LB 1.0 oz

Note: See smaller cow with calf in other listing.

In Vedic Culture The Supreme Lord of all, Lord Krishna Says that the cow is our mother because she supplies us milk. Cows must be protected by all means. Lord Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavatam that one can worship cows just as you should honor your own mother. There are seven worship able mothers. Including ones own mother and the cow as she supplies us milk. 
In the Bible Isiah 6.6.3 says. "To Slew an Ox is as if to slew a man."  Slew means kill and an ox is a male cow and what to speak of killing a cow, who is a mother who gives us milk. 

They are slightly antiqued which means we have left the black in the creases..You can shin Him up with some lemon-juice and tilak.


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