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Brass Arati Tray Complete Set - 8.5" Inch (Small Size)

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NOTE : At this time the conch shells are difficult to get,. Also customs is not allowing to ship them from India for now.  So we are selling without the shell. Though it comes with a shell stand.   The bell is a huge upgrade with a very nice form of Lord Garuda on top. Due to Covid it has been extremely difficult to get brass items and the price for brass has risen very high. We are doing our best to get the best quality items. 

Small High-Quality Brass Arati Complete Set
for your Deities, and includes the following items:

1 Brass Tray 8" Inch Diameter (across)
1 Brass Panch-Patra (Achman cup) With Spoon
1 Brass Bell with Garuda design
1 Brass Incense Holder
1 Brass One Ghee Wick Aroti Lamp
1 Brass Holy Water Vessel
1 Brass Conch Stand
1 Small Conch Shell for bathing X
1 Brass Plate (Peacock design) for flower

Small but not to small either. Good for those who do not have a lot of space. It is a very sweet tray.