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Black With White Chandrikas - Gopi Skirt - Cotton Screen Print Fabric - With Mantra Chadar


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Made in Vrindavan Gopi Skirt 100% Cotton, (good quality, medium weight fabric) screen print. Side zipper and adjustable drawstring on waist.  Good Twirling Capacity :) ISKCON Style.   Comes with long, sheer cotton Black Maha Mantra chadar. with Surabhi cows. (chuni). 4+ Meters. More than average of twirling capacity. 
Size- Medium

Size Chart-
Size Small- Skirt- 32" Inch Waist,  38" inch Length and approx.170 inches around the bottom (Twirling capacity :)

Size Medium- Skirt- 35" Inch Waist, 41" Inch Waist, and 155 " around the bottom of the skirt (Twirling capacity) 

Size Large- Skirt- 37" Waist, 42" Inch Length, and 164" Inch around the bottom (Twirling capacity. 

Suggested care- Skirt- Hand wash separately/Cold water, Or Machine Wash Gentle Cycle (Separate or like colors) Chuni /Chadar- Wash separately (by itself) hang dry.