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Baby Peacocks- Rhinestone Deity Turban Pins-Choose Color

Sapphire Blue
Smokey Quartz
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From Vrindavan - Deity Turban Pins -  Set of 2 Pins
Excellent quality, clear, diamond color rhinestones. (Any yellowing is just the imperfections of the photography. They are clear white rhinestones.
The metal color is gold.  (All stones are best-quality rhinestones)

USES - You could cut or break off the pin and use this for other jewelry or as an altar decoration. As you like. 
This size is generally for a bit larger Deities Radha Krishna, Gaura Nitai Krishna Balaram, Laddu Gopal, etc.) Great For Lord Jagannath or Baladeva.  

Approx  1 1/2" Long, plus pin.
about 1 1/2" inch wide
- (at the widest part)
Choose Color
Teal- (Light blue)
Sapphire (Dark Blue)
Emerald (Dark Green)
Smokey. Quartz (Purple beige)
Peridot (Light Green)
Orange (Deep Orange)

Note- This price for a Set of 2 Pins. Select color- very good value.