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Antique Gold Rose Vine- 6 Inch- Deity Necklaces or Earring

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Antique Gold Rose Vine - Choose 6"inch Necklace " plus one inch dangling Rose Pendant... and 5" inch Chain and an extra 2" inch chain link on one side. (that can be cut off and used for other jewelry.   See the measurement photo.  This lovely piece also makes a beautiful tika or nose chain for Srimati Radharani, Lady Subadra, Sita devi, etc. Adjust as needed by cutting off at any point.

Choose Color- 
Necklace or

The necklace has an extra long chain link that you can cut off at any point and use for anklets or other Deity Jewelry.  You can cut the Jewelry to make smaller pieces also. (Be creative) Hang it on turbans or Make tiny bangles or anklets. As you wish. 

NOTE: (These roses are smaller than the Pink red or teal with silver vine roses in other listing. 

NOTE: This price for one necklace and earring set.