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White Seed Bead with - Citrine - Orange - Coral - Deity Bangles Set

Citrine Yellow
Orange Carnelian
Coral Red
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Made in Vrindavan - Set of Two- sparkly, rhinestones with bright multi-color seed beads. Deity bangles or armlet-(Used higher in the arm above the elbow. One pair for this price. Price varies according to size.

Choose Color - Faux
Citrine Yellow
Orange Carnelian
Coral Red

Choose Size for bangles. You may need to go up one size for ankle bells or armlets.
Tiny- 6 to 7" Inch Deities
Small- 7-8" Inch Deities  
Medium- for 9 to 10" Inch Deities

This price for one set (two bangles).
For accurate sizing.. Measure perfectly around Your Deities wrist or Ankle ..The bangle can be a little smaller than the size of your Deities measurement, as they open and close.   

Note This sizing is approximate.. You may need to up or down a size according to your Deities' special sizing. Some Deities have thin wrists or ankles and others may have wider wrists or ankles. You have to access this. 

Note- The measurement photo may not be the same color as the item. The color you are getting is the color in the first photo and the name listed.