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Vrindavan Jeweled Golden Throne- Red

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This Lovely Wood, Golden Jeweled throne (Asana), made exclusively for Radhikastore and Her Devotees. 
Fabric from Vrindavan. The green leaf vine is taped on..If you want to remove it you can or glue it on.  

This Divine Couple Golden throne. We embellished with gold and jewels.
Now you can offer a lovely seat to your Lordships. One can offer  their Throne to Their Lordships by Mind (Mana Seva).
Perfect for any size Deities by meditation. (Though it is not manditory, If you are interested to make sure they are by scale.. This would fit up to 7" Deities) - Radha Krishna, Gaura Nitai, Krishna Balaram, Lord Jagannath Baladeva, Lady Subadra, Shalagram or Govardhan Shilas. Govardhana Silas may be placed directly on the Throne (Asana) (Check Measurements)

For Laddu Gopal- if He is the correct size you can place Him on the throne. 1" inch to less than 3" inches for Sitting Laddu Gopal would fit. 

Please Read Size as it is appearing much bigger in the photos.
Throne Dimensions-
5 "inches tall.
5 3/4"inches wide
3" inches deep.

Cushion Dimensions
5" inches long 

2 1/2" inches deep
The bolster pillows are 
2 1/2" inches long

Shipped from United States
Price for one Throne. See other items in the listings.  Cherry Wood Choki- (Offering Table) and Mahagony round side table in this section. And ... In  Worship then click...Altar Animals section. Raman Reti Deer and Radharanis pet deer.
Note: There are ten of these thrones available including these two. If you would like to reserve more please contact us via our e-mail address, phone or live Chat.