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Vrindavan Dust Beige - Cotton - Bead Bags

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From Vridavan.  Vrindavan Dust Beige (Gray/Beige) cotton bead bag.
 It has a zipper to keep your keys, Lakshmi (money) or any other small necessities, sacred items or prayers with you. Choose your color and quantity. These bags generally have starch and some feel stiff. They soften after washing them.This bag also has a loop near the bottom of the string to tie on your counting beads. 

Keep your Japa beads safe in this decorative bead bag. The large opening is to put your right hand with the beads in and the small opening on the opposite side is for your index finger to go outside of the bag so that finger (the instructing finger) does not touch the beads. The long string is to put around your neck if you like or simply wrap it around your wrist while chanting the holy names. When finished chanting, you can hang them from the strap safely on a hook in a clean place. 

Don't forget to get your counting beads and attach on to the string or on the counting bead loop.
Bead bag buttons are also nice to increase your meditation. 

Care Instructions-
To keep your bead bag long lasting, hand wash. Press out any wrinkles with your hand and lay flat to dry or hang dry. May be machine washed, separately on gentle cycle. Iron if necessary.