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Kesi Demon And Dhenukasura (For your Krishna Lila Pastime Play - Transcendental Dolls

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Made in Vrindavan- on the left hand side is Kesi Demona and on the right is Dhenukasura. Set of two as seen in photo. The Suprem Lord Sri Krishna and HIs Borther Balaram Kill these Demons in HIs Transcendental Lilas.  For you and your Children's Krishna Lila Pastime play. 

Other Transcendental Dolls sold separately - (In other listing). Transcendental Dolls. Approximately 8"inches  long and 4 "inches across. 

If you want toys for your small children.. Buy the cows, Monkeys or maybe Silas Not Radha Krishna, Krishna Balaram, Narasimhadeva or Sita Rama.

Care Instructions- Do not wash. Wipe with a damp cloth.