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Turquoise- Silver Kavacha Pendant

Size and Design

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Hand made in the holy land of Vrindavan. This stunning Turquoise  silver Kavacha opens on one side to keep your sacred text, mantra (Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, Pancha Tatwa Mantra, Narasimhadeva Mantra, Tulsi prayers, any sacred prayers), or holy dust (Vrindavan dust, Mayapur dust Radha Kund clay), pieces of sacred cloth or a combination of any or all of these things,or anything your heart desires. Select the pendant or pendants you want from the selection in the photos starting from the top. Each of these Kavachas is a work of art and have a number on the back, which makes them more authentic.

Note: number 1-JEPE3169 is much bigger around than the others and has more design around the stone and a flower design all around on the silver. (two available in the same look and size)
Number 2-JEPE3170 is between sizes and is slightly shorter than the large and thinner ones and has a flower leaf design all around.
Number 3-JEPE3171 is slightly shorter and medium around and has a flower design all around.
Number4-JEPE3172 is in-between the Lare and the smaller size and has a dot design all around. (there are two of these available with the same look and size)
number 5 JEPE3173 is smaller around and has a flower leaf design all around the silver. 
Number 6-JEPE3174 is also smaller around and has a dot design all around the silver.