Surabhi Cows - Transcendental Dolls

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If you want toys for your small children.. Buy the cows, Monkeys. Silas maybe. Not Radha Krishna
Surabhi Cows.. (Wish fulfilling cows of Vrindavan. Lord Krishnas cows.  Transcendental Dolls. Mother cow ispproximately 4"inches  long and 6 "inches across. Made in Vrindavan.
This set comes with (One cow and one Calf (baby cow).

These Dolls are actually Murtis (Deity) Not toys.  Any form or picture of the Lord is a Murti and is worship-able. They are meant as a training purpose for children old enough to respect Them and care for Them. So when the parent does their Puja they can give the children a service to do for Their dolls. When you put your Krishna to rest they can put their Krishna to rest. Parents should not allow these for babies or toddlers to throw on the floor or drawl on or put in the month. If you do not want your children to become Sahajya..(Taking Krishna Cheaply) then do not give them to just throw around. They are used for training and how to Love Krishna only. If the children do not realize these are God then simply they can not understand what is God and how to care for Him. We do not want them to become atheist thinking God is a toy. 
Please consider all this carefully before you buy Them for anyone. If you are buying as a gift for someone, they had better be devotees and given this knowledge or all will be spoiled. Seriously! Hari bol!