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Super Oud Oil

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Super Oud Oil, made in Vrindavan ..  10 ml. We selected the oils we felt where the best.

Deity oils are used in puja to offer to the Deities. In the ISKCON temple we put them on a cotton swab with a pure non alcohol oil on it..Generally offered with a flower. Using the circular clockwise motion in the right hand seven times around the Deity to offer the fragrance and flower.  Note: There may be different ways of offering it according to temple standard. 

 Many names for this oil.. also  called Agaroil, Agarwoodoil, oud oil, oudh or even ood. And considered one of the most expensive oils. 
Oud or Agarwood is said to be the favorite fragrance of Lord Krishna.
It has many uses and properties.

The properties of Agarwood oud oil are (so far) known to be:

Stimulant – quickens physiological function
Tonic – strengthens the body
Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation
Diuretic – stimulates the production of urine
Antimicrobial – kills or resists pathogenic microorganisms
Carminative – settles the digestive system and relieves gas
Febrifuge – combats fever
Digestive – aids digestion of food
Expectorant – loosens mucus in the respiratory tract and aids expulsion
Muscle relaxant – eases tension in muscles
Demulcent – protects mucus membranes and calms irritation
Emmenagogue – stimulates menstrual flow
Analgesic – relieves pain
Anti-arthritic – combats arthritis
Antipruritic – relieves or prevents itching
Stomachic – digestive aid and tonic, improves appetite.
In Tibetan medicine Agarwood is used to treat emotional, nervous and psychological issues, through its ability to induce a
deep meditative state. It is also used as a tranquilizer.

NOTE: We can not make any medical claims on any oils..according to the drug and health administration. 

We recommend that you never touch the oil.. That you let the oil drip off the stick into your hand, never touching the stick. And never let moisture get into the bottle. This will preserve your oil for years.