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Silver Ankle Bells Set - 4 Sizes

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Hand made in Vrindavan - Silver Ankle Bells Set of 2.
These are on a silver wire which opens and closes from the first bell. Open them gently to place around your Deities ankle. They are very adjustable and can fit most Deities. We suggest the smallest size with10 bells are for  Deities 7 to 8 inches Tall. Note: Deities measurement is from floor to top of Their head using a tape measure or ruler with Inches"). The second size 11 bells can be for Deities 9 to10 inches tall. The 3rd size- 12 bells can be for 11 to 12-inches Deities and the largest size has 13 bells and can be for 12 to 13 inches Deities. 
Note: If you feel your Deities ankles are a bit larger than your average Deities you should select up one size than suggested. (If you have any doubts you can contact us and we can get an exact measurement of your Deities ankles and we can measure the bells for you so you can make a better selection.  
Note: The bells do not make a sound, but they are sweet.