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Scalloped Rhinestones Anklet or Belt- Set of 2 Ruby or Diamond - 1 1/4" Inch

White Diamond
Red Ruby

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Hand made in Vrindavan. Golden look rhinestone ankle bells (or belt)  with scallop design. Set of 2) - Choose the color you want.. If you want more than one color select again what color and quantity you want. 
Colors- Ruby Red, or Clear Diamond. 
Approx. 1 1/4" inch long (end to end) and  over 1/4" inch wide (Hangs)

Note: Comes with a red string on each side. The sting can be removed if you like and secure with ticky tack. (Gum) 

For Ankle bells, we suggest these for Deities 6" to 8" inches Tall. Note: Deities measurement is from floor to top of Their head using a tape measure or ruler with Inches"). 

Note: Measurements are different for Laddu Gopal. The above measurements are for standing Deities.