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Sandal Wood Sticks - Extra Medium Size- Choose Your Stick


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Sandal wood sticks are used in Deity worship by grinding the wood in a grinding plate, vigorously, in a circular motion to make a paste with water or rose water. It can be used for your Deity worship as a fragrant paste to put Tulsi leaves on Lord Krishna's Lotus feet or as a past on His forehead or all over His body, or as a dip for Marigold flowers to put on the Lords forehead or Lotus feet, then accept the Prasadam and put it on our forehead. Sandal wood has a very cooling effect on the brain, and the woody fragrance is very good for the mind and brain. According to Ayurveda, It is considered very healing and cooling.
Note: These sticks are slightly bigger than the other size Medium Listing. 
Choose your stick according to number in photo. (Price for one stick)