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Rhinestones - Anklet or Belt- Set of 2 - 3 Color Selections - Tiny 1 1/4" Inch

Ruby Red
Clear Diamond

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Hand made in Vrindavan. Golden look rhinestone ankle bells (or belt)  (Can also be used on a turban or as a necklace. Set of 2) - Choose the color you want.. If you want more than one color select again what color and quantity you want. Multicolor, Ruby Red, or Clear Diamond. 
Approx. 1 1/4" inch long (end to end) and 1/2" inch wide (Hangs)

Note: Comes with a red string on each side. The sting can be removed if you like and secure with ticky tack. (Gum) 

For Ankle bells, we suggest these for Deities 7 to 10 inches Tall. Note: Deities measurement is from floor to top of Their head using a tape measure or ruler with Inches"). 

Note: Measurements are different for Laddu Gopal. The above measurements are for standing Deities.