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Rhinestone Effulgent Necklace- Choose Design and Color

Rhinestore Diamond
Rhinestone round
Green Diamond
Green Rose
Red Rose
Red Diamond
Smokey Pink Diamond

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Hand made in Vrindavan. Sweet faux pearls with Rhinestones. Choose the Effulgent color and design. If you want more than one color then select again what color and
quantity you want.
 It comes with a red string on each side to tie in the back. For a crown effulgence, simply cut the string off and turn it around and use tickey tack or pin onto a turban.F Radha Krishna, Gaura Nita or any of your Deities. 

Note: the diamond design has a star in the center of the square)

Choose color and design-
1 Clear Triangle, 
2 Clear Round bead
3 Emerald color, Rose design
4 Emerald color, Diamond design
5 Garnet color, Rose design,
6 Garnet color, Diamond design
7 Smokey Rose quartz Color Diamond design (not in photos yet)

This effulgent crown can be used on the smallest Deities  sizes (4" to 7" Inches)  on the top of the head for an effulgence. (Behind the tika or behind the crown. Or for larger Sri Mati Radha Rani as a crown on the forehead or a smaller effulgence at the top or back of Her Head. It can also be used in turban decorations. Note: Deities measurement is from floor to top of Their head using a tape measure or ruler with Inches").