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Red Rose- Deity Garland - Choose Size -

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Made In Vrindavan Cute Deity Garland  (one Garland for this price) - You can't make your Deities garlands every day? Well this is the alternative until you do make them one.
Bright neon pink Garland made with ribbon. Adjustable length. (Simply pull the ribbon out make the garland appear longer or push the ribbon together to make it shorter.

Choose your size:
Tiny is for the tiniest Deities... under 5" inches. 
Extra Small -5" and 6" inch Deities
Small for Deities - 6 "or 7" inches.

Measure Deities from floor to the top of head with an inches ruler or tape measure. To know Their exact size. Garland scented with Vrindavan Kadamba flower oil and rose water. Simply freshen the garland fragrance by adding a drop of Deity oils on your hand and rub hands together until the oil almost disappears. Then put the garland in your hand and lightly rub the garland not making the Garland oily but just touching it enough to get the fragrance on it.