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Rani Pink Chandrika Festival - Gopi Skirt - Jute-Cotton- With Turmeric Color Chadar - Small

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Made in Vrindavan Gopi Skirt-Shimmer Rani Deep Pink, with green and turmeric Chandrikas Paisley border design embroidery border. Natural fiber jute medium/heavy weight fabric, .  It has a zipper and adjustable draw sting waist. Comes with a sheer, Chiffon, turmeric color, on silver block print, gold beaded border chadar. (chuni). 
Size- Small

Does not come with choli (blouse).

Size Chart-
Size Small- Skirt- 32" Inch Waist,  38" inch Length and approx.170 inch around bottom (Twirling capacity :)

Size Medium- Skirt- 3.5" Inch Waist, 41" Inch Waist, and 155 " around bottom of skirt (Twirling capacity) 

Size Large- Skirt- 37" Waist, 42" Inch Length , and 164" Inch around the bottom (Twirling capacity. 

What is Jute? Jute is a natural fiber from the jute plant, grown much in India and Bangladesh. It is sustainable, only needing water to grow. It does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is also known as the Golden Fiber. It can be spun into finer and finer threads and is a shiny gold color.

Suggested care- Hand wash separate/Cold water, hang dry, iron as needed. Wash Chuni (Chadar) separately from the skirt.