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Peridot Or Sapphire Blue With Pearly Seed Bead -Deity Bangles Set- Medium or Large


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Made in Vrindavan - Sweet and sparkly, set of two Deity bangles or armlet ( Used higher in the arm above the elbow. (one pair).
They can also be used for anklets. (generally Their ankles are bigger. Go up one size for anklets) 

This price for one set (two bangles).
For accurate sizing.. Measure perfectly around Your Deities wrist or Ankle ..The bangle can be a little smaller than the size of your Deities measurement, as they open and close.   

Note This sizing is approximate.. You may need to up or down a size according to your Deities special sizing. Some Deities have very think writs or ankles and others may have wider writs or ankles. You have to access this. 

Choose Color and Size-
Peridot Medium for 12 to 13" Inch Deities 
Peridot Large- for 14 to 15" inch Deities
Sapphire Blue Medium for 12 to 13" Inch Deities 
Sapphire Blue Large- for 14 to 15" inch Deities

Note- The measurement photo may not be the same color as the item. The color you are getting is the color in the first photo and the name listed.