Pearl With Rhinestone Flower Armlets/Bangles - Set of 2 - Green or Orange

Center Stone Color
Dark Green
Dark Orange

Hand made in Vrindavan. Sweet faux pearls with rhinestone flowers. (Set of 2) - Choose the center stone color you want.   Dark Green Or Dark Orange
These can be used as Armlets are used on the upper or middle part of the arm or for Bangles at the wrist.

Open them gently to place around your Deities upper arm or wrist use tickey tack gum to secure..  We suggest these for Deities 10 to 13 inches Tall. Note: Deities measurement is from floor to top of Their head using a tape measure or ruler with Inches"). 

Note: The red is a red-orange.

Note: Measurements are different for Laddu Gopal. The above measurements are for standing Deities.