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Ocean of Love Detachable Posters by Anjana Dasa

Ocean of Love: 8 Detachable Posters Ready for Framing is a special collection of 8 large poster arts in a collated book format, but easy detachable for framing. These paintings are depictions of various Radha-Krishna arts depicting Their intimate loving pastimes. These paintings are windows to the spiritual world.

A wonderful collection of arts by Anjana Dasa. Anjana Dasa is originally from Kazakhstan, but moved to Vrindavan more than two decades ago. He is a well-known artist since childhood. His wonferful paintings can be seen adorning the walls of Glory of India temple in New Delhi. He has also painted for several of BBT publications.

There are prayers accompanying each of the paintings on the backside.

Each poster is 17" by 12"

FULL COLORS. 8 large detachable sheets.