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Mayapur Green Garden Outfit - Yellow Sequin (Gaura Nitai)

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Hand Made in Vrindavan. Sweet Outfit with embroidery (pink blue and white with yellow sequin border. Parrot Green colors) satin fabric. This outfit could match with silver or gold accessories and the colors listed above. (See Deity crowns and Necklace Sets and Deity Jewelry to find accessories) 

Note PInk and blue flower 4" Doti and Bright red and Bright yellow flower 3" doti

NOTE: The doti tail goes between the legs to the back and secures with Velcro at the waist in front and back. (Make sure you see how it fits together as you take them apart for the first time. It will help you understand how to put them on if you have never had this kind of doti before.  
Choose your size
Measure your Nityananda from His waist to His Lotus Feet using a tape measure or a string then measure the string on a ruler, according to inches measurement.  (The doti length in the Size section shows how long the front section hangs. That will determine the size you need. You may want them to hang slightly Longer or shorter as you like (Not more than 1/2" inch. (To make sure the outfit will fit.. Generally if you go bigger the shirt will be a little to big.
Choose the length that is that size or a little longer if desired.  For any questions, you can contact us .. See at the bottom of the page. - Contact us section.