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Large Blowing Conch Shell - Shankh- Choose Shell


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Large Blowing Conch Shells  (Shankh). From Vrindavan.
They may have some imperfections as seen in photo.  But they are real and they are good to do the service. In Vedic culture all other shells are considered like a bone of an animal, but the Shankha (Conch Shell-) is considered pure. 

The Shankha (conch-shell) is regarded sacred and auspicious in pure ancient Vedic wisdom.  It is blown to initiate religious ceremonies. Lord Vishnu is shown with a shankha in one hand and a disc (Chakra) in the other. In the battlefield (Kurukshetra) of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna blew His Shankha called the ’Panchajanya’. When blown it announces the victory of good over evil. All inauspiciousness goes away when one sounds the Conch. Vaisnava Ladies  of West Bengal India wear bangles made out of Conch shell to make sound with their other bangles to keep their surroundings auspicious.