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Large and Extra Large Fancy Silver Deity Pots

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Large Fancy Deity Pot over 1 3/4" inches Tall and 2" inches at the widest point.
It comes with a silver flower design lid (plate), 1.1/4" inch in diameter, to protect the cleanliness of the contents.
Extra Large Fancy Deity Pot, with flower plate design

Use this pot for making offerings to your Deity to express your devotion and enhance your meditation. It can be used as a miniature butter pot or lota (water pot) on your altar. Some Devotees are using this pot as a lota for the bathing water with the small silver plate sets. It works perfectly for that set.

Note: The other plane Deity pot is to show the comparison of size. 

Please note: Above price is just for 1 pot and 1 lid. If you need more than 1, then please order multiple quantities.