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Laddu Gopal Outfit - White Cotton Lotus Peacock- 4" Inch

Handcrafted embroidery in the Holy Dham Vrindavan and would look gorgeous on your Laddu Gopal!  Cotton mix peacock dress, Exclusive Design. High-quality rhinestones and other stones. 

NOTE: When dressing your Laddu Gopal, the opening goes in the front for all the Gopal Skirts. You may have to open the seem on the shirt in the back to make them fit properly. This is true for all Gopal dress shirts. For the tiny Laddu Gopals, we recommend removing the blouse by cutting it out and putting a small ribbon around him or cutting the fabric in half. (They never make the shirts small enough for the small Gopals. (We have no idea why they don't make them smaller.) But this process works nicely. 

NOTE: These outfits shine like anything. Lots of bling. The photos do not show the amazing shiny jewels. 

Get it for the next festival.