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Krishna Shows for Children 4 DVD set

Stories in these DVDs:

AJAMILAleaves a saintly life for sense gratification, but the results of his service are not lost when, on his death bed, he desperately calls for his son, Narayana, whom he named after the Supreme Lord.

BALI MAHARAJA was a noble king who promised to give in charity anything a brahmana requested. When God appeared as a dwarf brahmana boy, He asked for only three steps of land.

HARIDASA THAKURA AND THE PROSTITUTE offers a valuable lesson in the life of Lord Caitanya's devotee Haridasa.

AGHASURA, Krishna saves the cowherd boys from a gigantic demon snake.

JADA BHARATAis a devotee of the Lord who falls prey to thieves and is rescued by the goddess Kali.

KING CITRAKETU loses a son in this morally instructive story, but learns that the soul can never die.

PRAHLADA MAHARAJA is rescued by a ferocious Lord Nrisimhadeva.

MADHAVENDRA PURIfinds a long lost deity of Krishna in the forest.

GOVARDHANA HILLshows how worshiping God directly is better than worshiping the demigods.

VRIKASURA is a demon who thought he was all-powerful until he met the wit of Vishnu.

KING NRIGA was cursed to live as a lizard and is liberated.

RAMACANDRA PURIis an envious person who causes a disturbance to Lord Caitanya and His associates.

RESCUING LORD CAITANYA FROM THE SEA - A fisherman profits with ecstatic love of Godhead.

SANATANA GOSWAMI is a high ranking government official who becomes one of Lord Caitanya's dearest disciples.

SUDAMA BRAHMANA sincerely offers Krishna chipped rice and is rewarded with prosperity.

REMEMBERING SRILA PRABHUPADAhas Vancouver Gurukula students reciting and acting out Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami's free-verse poem.

PRAHLADA AND THE KRISHNA KIDS features a swinging Australian pre-teens band singing songs for peace on earth - in MTV style!

DHRUVA MAHARAJA goes to perform austerities for a worldly kingdom and gets far more than he expected.

THE ADVENT OF LORD JAGANNATHAis a beautiful drama performed by Gurukula children in England, professionally filmed for television. Features original songs by Govardhan Dasi. This video also includes three cartoons based on Panchatantra: The Lion & the Rabbit, Foolish Monkey, and The Ungrateful Man.