Krishna Rhinestone Chandrikas-

Teal and Green
Read and Blue
Purple Multi
Hand made in Vrindavan  All are 1 1/2" inche tall except the Red and Blue one is 1 1/4" inch. High quality rhinestones. 

Teal and green, Red and Blue,
Purple Multi,  and Clear Diamond Color.
Select your color listed from the top left to right from the Original photo posted .
These lovely Chandrikas can be for your Deities applied with Tickey tack (blue tack) on the head or crown or turbans.. Lord Krishna, Shalagram, Jagannath, Baladeva, Lady Subadra, etc. 
For approx..10 to 15 inch standing Krishna (floor to top of head measure size)

Note: Generally the right facing Chandrikas are for Krishna and Sri Radha wears Left facing. This is the general standard. But many crowns are made only in one direction so they may also both be placed in the same direction. 

Shipped from USA.