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Gopi Skirt -Cotton -Sheer Red and White Dot Flower- Block Print -With Choli and Chadar -Choose Size S or M


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Made in Vrindavan. 
Comfortable and sweet, Sheer, light weight weight Cotton Gopi Skirt. White and Red and white dot flowers  design, block print style. Great for every day. 
It has a zipper and adjustable draw sting waist. Choose Size 
M- Medium

Suggested care- Hand wash separate/Cold water, or. machine wash cold gentle, hang dry, iron as needed.

Note: With Cotton items they can shrink a lot in hot water or dryer. So if you want any of your items to be smaller, simply wash in hot water and dry in a hot dryer. If you do not want them to shrink at all, please wash in cold and hang dry.