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Gold Bead Diamond Bangles/Anklets - Set of 2 - Sizes Large, Medium, Small

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Hand made in Vrindavan. Faugh diamond faux gold beads. 
(Set of 2)

Choose your size
Large for 10 to 12 inch Deities
Medium for (9" to 10") Deities  
Small for (7" to 8" inch Deities) 

See sizes in chart. (though they are not appearing as the actual size in the photo)

Open them slightly and gently to place around your Deities wrist or ankle use tickey tack gum to secure..  Deities measurement is from floor to top of Their head using a tape measure or ruler with Inches"). 

Note: Measurements are different for Laddu Gopal. The above measurements are for standing Deities.