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Gauranga Mahaprabhu - Braja Style - Sun Colors - Gaura Nitai Deity Outfit


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Hand Made in Vrindavan.
Braja Style Outfit.. Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu The Supreme Lord. None other than Lord Krishna who appeared as a devotee of Krishna. His most merciful holy appearance day coming in March. Offer Him an outfit. Orange satin, with a gold pinstripe vest with beige antique gold  flower design trim.  This outfit can goes nicely  with gold accessories. (See Deity crowns and Necklace Sets and Deity Jewelry to find accessories). 
This transcendentally sweet outfit has pants with a vested Kurta and a skirt that goes over the lower portion of the shirt. This makes the shirt appear to have a long pleated ruffle at the bottom, as the Braja basi cow herd men would wear in their transcendental pastimes.

How to put them on.
If you prefer not to have the vest you can put it inside out which is the fuchsia color, and put it in the back not to be seen. The front of the kurta will then be the plane satin fabric. The skirt ties in back. Place  the skirt on top of the lower portion of the Kurta with thh ties in back and tie it on. Put the pants on first. The pants have velcro on the inseam as well as in back. You simply open all the Velcro and place the front of the pant in front and put around each leg and slip the flap under the legs to the back and bring that up to the waist. Then close the legs with the velcro and close the top front to the top back Velcro. Confused? well, once you look at it and pray a bit... you can figure it out...Once you figure out the concept, they are very easy to put on.

Choose your size- (according to Doti length (Waist to top of foot.


NOTE: Price changes according to size

Choose your size -according to Dhoti Length.
Measure Sri Sri Gaura Nitai from waist to top of His lotus feet, with an inches ruler or tape measure. Or measure with a string then measure the length of the string.) The dhoti length in the Size section shows how long the front section hangs. That will determine the size you need. (For example if your measurement is 4"inches from waist to top of Their Lotus Feet, then you need the 4" inches dhoti size) Choose the length that is that size.

Care Instructions. Do not wash. Wipe with a damp cloth. Be careful with ironing. Use medium heat and put a cotton cloth between the 
iron and the outfit.