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Fancy Rhinestone- Deity Necklace With Black Stones- 4 Sizes

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Fancy Rhinestone Deity Necklace, with Shamasundar Black color stones. From Vrindavan.
This lovely necklace has a lot of movement even in the collar portion, which maks it easy to adjust the size around the neck. You can change the string color as you like.

NOTE: Price for one necklace. select quantity.
The price varies according to size. 

Size Chart-
Tiny- For Deities 4" to 6" Inches Tall
Small- For Deities 7" to 8" inches
Medium- For Deities 9" to 10" inches
Large- For Deities 11" to 13" inches
Extra Large- For Deities 14" to 18" inches

How to measure Deities.-
Measure from floor to the top of Their head in Inches. (for standing Deities.

The stones appear darker on the size large due to shadowing during photo taking, thought they are the same teal blue color.