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Decorative Conch Shell -Solid Brass- Swirl Design

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On Sale- Moving some of our Brass items to make room for more. Beautiful, Decorative Conch Shell, Solid Brass with Swirl design. (This is not an actual shell, it does not make any sound. It is for Decoration purposes) Display on a bookshelf or as a paperweight or wall hanging, in the garden, etc.

High Design- Best Quality Brass
Dimensions - 7" Inch Long by 3 1/2" inch wide.
Weight 3 LBS 5 oz 

Another name -Shankh

Care instructions: If you would like to polish that off, simply use lemon juice and dish soap on a cloth or sponge and rub it until it is the level shine you like. If you want to keep the black just clean it with a cotton cloth.