Dancing Peacocks In Yamuna Outfit - (Radha Krishna)

Hand Made in Vrindavan. This outfit is so wonderful! Bedazzling  Dancing Peacocks in Yamuna Deity outfit Dark Blue and bright Yellow Mesh fabric. With sparkling  crystals and embroidery. This outfit could match with silver or gold accessories with colors listed.. Teal Blues, bright pinks, and yellows.  (See Deity crowns and Necklace Sets and Deity Jewelry to find accessories) 

How to determine your Deities size. 
Measure your Sri Radha from waist to floor using a tape measure or a string then measure the string on a ruler, according to inches measurement. Measure Sri Krishna from waist to top of His lotus feet. (The doti length in the Size section shows how long the front section hangs. That will determine the size you need. 
Choose the length that is that size or a little longer if desired. Or according to Sri Radhas waist to floor length size. Or it may also show some of her lotus stands. (but it must cover Her Lotus feet fully. For any questions, you can contact us .. See at the bottom of the page. - Contact us section.