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Cotton Gamchas - Blue Colors - Set of 5

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From Vrindavan- Hand made (Kadhi) 100 percent cotton Gamchas, Set of 5 light blue and lavender color, with other colors.

Gamchas are generally used as a waist wrap. This style with the tied tassels are generally used as towels for drying after bathing. They are thin and fast drying. If you do not want to do heaps of laundry with large towels, Gamchas are a great way to save time and money on Laundry. They can easily be washed in a bucket and then ring it out and hang it to dry. Ready for the next day. For those who take 2 or three baths a day it is a necessity. Ladies can also use Gamchas for towels. They also work well as a hair towel wrap after washing hair.