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Chandrika Earrings Sets. - 2 Sets Each - Choose Color Sets

1-Sm-Red and Black
2-Sm-Green and Orange
3-Sm-Metallic Green and Red
4-Tiny-Metallic Green and Red
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From Vrindavan - Sweet Chandrika Earrings Sets - 2 Sets each (Choose color Sets)
Size Small -Can be used as earrings for larger Deities (12 to 24 inch Deities)
Size Small can be used for Chandrika and turban pieces for Radha, Krishna, Gaura Nitai (5 to 8" inch Deities) See Size Measurement in photos See Deity Example for earrings.
Size Tiny- can be used as earrings for 7 inch to 12 inch Deities And Tiny can also be used for Chandrikas for the tiniest Deities. (Size 4 and 5 inch Deities).
Note: Flat back. (No post) Use sticky tack to put on. 
Two Pair. Two Cols as shown in photo
Size Small-
1- Red and black- Black and red Small
2- Green and Orange- Orange and Green
3- Metallic Green and Red/Red and Green
Size Tiny-
4- Metallic Green and Red/ Red and Green