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Brass - Arati Ghee Lamp - Choose Size

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Brass Ghee lamps wide bowl. Made in India.
Put your ghee wick in the center of the lamp standing up light the wick. Generally we offer lamp in clock wise circles, holding the lamp from the handle in the right hand.
In ISKCON, commonly offered 4 times circles at the Lotus feet, 2 times at the waist, 
3 times around the head and 7 times around the entire body.

Choose Size-
Extra Small 1 1/2" Inch Bowl - Lamp -3 3/4"Inch Long (entire length of the lamp)
Small 1 3/4" Inch Bowl- Lamp- 4"inch Long
Medium 2 1/8" Inch Bowl- Lamp- 5 1/2" Long
Large Solid Fancy- 2 1/2" Inch Bowl - Lamp- 6" Long
Note: Large is very heavy compared to the other ghee lamps.

NOTE: This Price For One Ghee lamp
Price varies according to size.
These lamps disassemble into three parts. Simply tighten the parts together by hand.