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Braja Radha Krishna Deities - Brass 12" Inch


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Stunning, Sweet Braja Radha Krishna with high-quality polishing and finishing,
Ashtadhatu - literally eight metals, is considered extremely pure, sattvic, and does not decay. 

You can choose:
Only the Deities 395.00 USD 
The Deities with the outfit (Doti, Shirt, Chaddar, Skirt, Blouse, Chuni) 459.00 USD 
The Deities with the Outfit and all Accessories..which is everything you see in the photo (Flute, two sets of shoes, two sets of sparkle bangles, two sets of armlets, two full neckless sets that include 4 bangles, two little butterflies and two dolphins. Two green bead bangles and necklaces, two rhinestone necklaces. Krishna's rhinestone paisley crown and rhinestone tilak, Radharani effulgence, tika, Peacock, flower bindi and flower earrings, and hair braid (not seen in photos)Krishna's peacock earrings, rings, and toe rings, and two silk flower garlands, and ankle bells. for 525.00 USD.
The price for all the accessories is greatly reduced from the prices they are or will be listed on the website. Some items are not listed on the website as they go only with The Deities.

NOTE: These Deities are smooth high finishing. They may be reflecting many items in the room while taking photos. Those reflections are not Their actual features. 

Note: If you would like us to paint their hands and feet and nails let us know. 

We are naming the outfit Goloka colors as these colors are out of this world. Mesmerizing outfit and jewelry.

Please only buy these Deities if you plan to Love, worship and care for Them them the rest of your life. They are not Dolls. Radha Krishna worship is very serious and should not be taken lightly. They are The Supreme Lordships. Sri Sri. Radha and Krishna.
For those who are fully following the regulative principles and chanting a minimum of 16 rounds of maha mantra daily. 

Anyone can worship Sri Sri Gaura Nitai as they do not accept offenses. If one is not strict in their sadhana (Practice of Krishna Bhakti) they are better off to worship Sri Sri Gaura Nitai than Radha or Krishna Deities. 

Ask us...We can make them a bed exclusively for Them. See Deity Beds and Accessories section.