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Black Cotton Twirling Petticoat/ Slip - S, M, L (8 Meters Fabric)


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Black, Sheer, Pure Cotton, Twirling Petticoat/ Slip. Lots and lots of pleats ( 8 Meters), for ladies who like to twirl their Gopi skirts and sarees. Skirts vary from 40 to 42" inches long.
Drawstring adjustable waist band.

Choose your size. Small, Medium, Large.
Price may vary according to size.

For those who need shorter petticoats- Instructions how to easily shorten them.

Simply cut off the waist band one inch below the band and cut off the desired amount of fabric off the slip. Then sew it back on with right sides together (Band facing down.  You may need to put a few pleats around as it may be slightly wider after cutting it. (Pin around evenly and make the pleats) After sewing it on check to see how it fits then secure it agin but pressing the extra fabric down all the same direction. then sew it on the outside all the way around along the seem to make it extra secure.