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Altar Umbrellas- Choose Size and Color

Small Clear Crystal
Small Multi
Small Red and Green Clear Rhinestone W/ Pearl
Large Multi

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From Vrindavan  
Fancy Rhinestone Crystal Deity Altar Umbrellas 

Select your color Small Clear Crystal umbrella
Small Multi color Crystal Umbrellas- 2/3/4 inches across largest part
Small Red,Green and Clear Rhinestone With Pearls -Very Dark Green Appearing black. 2 1/4 " inches across largest part (Bottom) 
Large Multi Color Crystal Umbrella- Just over 5" across largest part. 

NOTE- Price for one umbrella- Other items sold separately. 
Comes with a string to hang. Any string, ribbon or chain can be used.

Note the Marble Deities are over 12 inches tall and the smaller brass Deiteis are aprox 7 inches tall. (For measurement perspective. 

Shipped from USA.