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Brass Kartals With High Shine Finish - Hand Cymbals - Choose - 2.5-3-3.5 Inch-

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 High-Quality Brass Kartals  From Vrindavan. 
Please read-
Choose Sizes -
Small- 2 1/2" Inches diameter(Light or normal weight)-twinkling sound
Small Light- 2 1/2" Inches. Diameter (More Lightweight)- twinkling sound

Medium- 3" Inches diameter (Medium heavy)-medium-deep tone
Large- 3 1/2" Inches diameter (heavyweight)- deeper tone

Size Medium has a slightly curved rounded bottom (underneath) and size large has even more curved and rounded. 

The string can be changed to any style you like. Some devotees like to put fancy ribbons for a festive look. Or a cloth string for more comfort while playing them. 

Care instructions.
If you would like to maintain a high shine finish use lemon juice and liquid dish soap or tilak to polish them. You may have to wash the string with soap if it gets black from tarnish.