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Medium Deity Offering Set - (Stainless Steel) Flower Design


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Deity Offering Set, Vrindavan Flower Desing- Medium 8 1/2" Plate offering set
This Set comes with-
One Bowl and one etched Stripe Cup, a Small Spoon and a Medium Plate 

Comes with a small spoon. (Small spoon has tiny flowers on the handle). (not shown in photo.

This good quality,  stainless steel plate is 8 1'2" inches across (diameter) and has a beautiful flower design etched in the center of the mirror shine finish.  This set comes with 2 bowls which fit nicely on the plate, though the current photo is only showing one. 

The bowl is 
3 1/2" inches in diameter and 1 2/4" inches tall
and has a flower etched in the center and three flowers around.

The small size cup is almost
 3" inches tall and 2 1/2" inches wide and has a wide etched line design around it.

This set is nice for an extra plate for sweets, breads, fruits, etc., or extras that do not fit on your big plate. 
This set is nice for traveling.

This set comes with a small spoon, which is like a baby spoon).

The great thing is that you get this offering set with NO STICKERS, so there is never a hassle for you to figure out how to get rid of those sticky sticker marks.