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Fancy Parrot Brass Arati Lamp - With Bell and Lotus Stand

Beautiful, Solid Brass Fancy Peacock Arati Lamp, with bell and lotus stand. (Stand does not come off) .  Size 8" inches tall by 6" inches wide Is 3 1/2" inches deep.

Best quality... high design. 
Weight 1LB 12 oz

Other names.. Diya, Ghee Lamp. Arati Lamp.

How to use:
1. You can fill the little bowl with cooking oil of your choice or ghee (ghee is most commonly used) and put a wick or a piece of cotton twisted into a wick into the oil, then light the wicks when ready to use. Put them on your alter or in a safe place. 
2. Make ghee wicks and put them in a jar in melted ghee (ghee is most commonly used) or cooking oil to use when ever needed. Some people like to add camphor oil or resin to make them last longer and for aroma. Simply add that to the jar or to your individual ghee wick pod when you are ready to use it.
Put the ghee wick into the pod or wick area standing straight or leaning forward onto the pointed area. 
The lamps with handles are used as an offering to God. The lamps without handles are generally placed on the altar or in a safe place as a lamp to offer to God. 

Care instructions: These lamps have an antique coating that fills in the lines with black. If you would like to polish that off, simply use lemon juice and dish soap on a cloth or sponge and rub it until it is the level shine you like. If you want to keep the black, just clean it with a cotton cloth and clean the ghee wick area with soap only.