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Clay Diya - Auspicious Rice Sifter Design - Diwali Lamp - Set of 4

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Hand made in auspicious India.  Clay Diya or Ghee Lamp. Perfect for Diwali or other Festivals. Approx. 3 inch diameter. Set of 4 for this price.
Please overlook the little imperfections. They are all hand made and very difficult to get them without it. We are cherry picking the best possible for you and your worship.

Other names.. Diya, Ghee Lamp. Arati Lamp, Kartik Lamp.

On the festival month Kartik (Damodar Month) Between the month of October and November, every day, devotees of Lord Krishna all over the world offer candles or especially clay ghee lamps to Lord Krishna in His child hood form. This is considered the most auspicious time of the year to make heaps of spiritual advancement for every service performed to the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

How to use:
1. You can fill the little bowls with Ghee or cooking oil of your choice and put a wick or a piece of cotton twisted into a wick into the oil. When ready to use light them and offer to a photo or Deity of the Lord and put them on your alter or in a safe place. 
2. Make ghee wicks and put them in a jar in melted ghee or cooking oil to use when ever needed. Some people like to add camphor oil or resin to make them last longer and for aroma. Simply add that to the jar or to your individual ghee wick pod when you are ready to use it.
Put the ghee wick into the pod or wick area standing straight or leaning forward onto the pointed area.